How to use aloevera in the hair for hair growth

a fresh aloe vera leaf and peel its skin,make sure that the thorns are all,removed after peeling off from one site,wash the leaf properly and pull few,drops of coconut oil on it and start,rubbing it onto your scalp gently,massage your scalp with the leaf sach it,for about 10 minutes and then leave it,on for next 20 minutes after this was,off your hair with a mild shampoo we can,use this remedy twice in a week if you,don't want to use aloe vera live,directly like that you can extract the,gel and add few drops of coconut oil or,olive oil and apply this concoction on,your scalp with help of a clean cotton,ball search the mixture on your scalp,and leave it on for about 20 minutes and,wash off your hair with a mild shampoo,like a fresh aloe vera leaf and wash it,thoroughly cut the leaf into small cubes,it about 1/2 bowl of melted coconut oil,and add aloe vera cubes to it warm the,oil by placing it in a hot water for,about 5 to 10 minutes stir the oil using,a wooden spoon it the oil take up all,the goodness and nutrients of aloe vera,aloe vera repels dead skin cells on the,scalp it also act as a great conditioner,and leaves your hair all smooth and,shiny let it cool down for some time,strain the oil and it is ready to use,apply this oil on your scalp massage,gently in a circular motion let it sit,for about 40 minutes to one hour a chef,with a mild shampoo you can also leave,this while overnight and shampoo your,hair the next morning Olivia may help,activate new hair growth by increasing,the blood circulation to the scalp in,delivering several important vitamins,and nutrients canet oil and aloe vera,makes an excellent conditioning,combination which helps your moisture to,your hair shafts oil will contribute to,maintaining your hair so you won't have,to get trims as often blatting you'll,retain your hair's length all over,softens and conditions to hair regular,use helps restore shine it also helps,curb helpful and control hair shredding,showing that your hair remains thick and,voluminous has an anti-inflammatory,properties that helps sooth your scalp,of irritation and aggravation,hello Vera's high content of protein,vitamins and minerals help it nourish,your follicles and hair efficiently.
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