benefits of aloe vera

Benefits of aloe vera

Aloe vera is a very popular plant both in the manufacture of creams and shampoos and in the creation of home remedies to take care of health. But ... what exactly are the benefits it can offer?

The healthy properties of Aloe Vera

This is a list of the advantages that Aloe vera can offer in different types of health treatments.

1. It is an excellent moisturizer

This plant is used in a wide variety of moisturizers, which helps to take care of skin areas that are dry or damaged by excessive exposure to sunlight.

2. It is an aid against acne

The gel that is extracted from Aloe vera is a good anti-inflammatory, and that is why it is very useful to avoid the reactions produced by an excessive production of fat through the glands of the face. If combined with soap, it helps remove the greasy layer that covers the skin, which makes the skin cleaner and pores less likely to swell.
benefits of aloe vera
benefits of aloe vera

3. Promotes wound healing

Aloe vera gel extracted directly from the plant is antiseptic and has elements that promote rapid wound healing. It helps the circulation to be restored around the damaged area, promotes cell regeneration, disinfects and, in addition, has a great penetration power in the different layers of human skin, with which its effects are very intense.

4. ... and burns

Aloe vera is also very popular when it comes to treating minor or severe burns. In fact, it could be more effective than conventional medication in making these burns heal faster.

5. Reduces the appearance of dental plaque

It has been proven that, when reducing dental plaque, the extract of this plant is as effective as chlorhexidine, an ingredient widely used to take care of oral health. This is because it kills certain types of bacteria responsible for the appearance of plaque.

6. Promising effects against vulgar psoriasis

There is evidence that Aloe vera extract, in certain amounts, may be useful in the treatment of vulgar psoriasis without being exposed to harmful side effects. For this, it is useful to prepare a gel poultice of this plant.

7. Can be used in massages

As we have seen, Aloe Vera gel has a lot of skin penetration power, but it also serves to reduce skin itching, making it an excellent resource to be used in relaxing massages.

8. Clean dandruff hair

Using Aloe Vera gel on the scalp helps dry skin plates that accumulate under the hair to come off. In addition, as it has analgesic effects, it reduces the itching associated with dandruff, which in turn favours that we do not scratch and end up damaging the scalp.

9. It is a remedy for dry lips

The persistent effects of Aloe vera extract and its moisturizing and healing potential make it a good remedy to make cut lips heal quickly.

10. Helps heal mouth ulcers

It has been shown that the use of Aloe vera extract in canker sores, sores and canker sores heals as quickly as with the use of conventional creams, but without side effects. In addition, its analgesic effects could be greater.

11. Has antioxidant properties

Aloe vera extract contains a large number of polyphenols, a class of chemicals with antioxidant effect. Therefore, it helps eliminate free radicals that circulate in our body by damaging certain cellular tissues, which helps to delay the appearance of the signs of ageing and improves our general state of health applied to the skin.

12. Improves hair quality

The same moisturizing properties of Aloe vera that can be used in skincare are useful in combating hair dryness, whether due to genetic, environmental causes or by straightening it with an iron. In addition, it removes a good part of the fat film that covers the hair, making it cleaner.

13. Has laxative elements

The aloin that can be found in the latex of Aloe vera is known for its laxative effects, so it can be useful in specific treatments against constipation.

However, its consumption by oral route during long periods of time is contraindicated by the adverse effects that it can produce. Generally, Aloe vera has benefits if applied to the skin, not ingested.

A very versatile plant with many benefits
In conclusion, it can be said that Aloe vera has very useful components in a large number of treatments if applied to the skin: it offers anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, regenerating and relaxing effects, among others, and does not have the side effects of certain medications.
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